Ground Handling Paragliding Course

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The Paragliding Course enables you to grasp the freedom that flying gives you. Paragliding is addictive and has been an obsession of human kind since we witnessed birds touching the skies. In order to learn how to fly a paraglider, you must learn how to control it on the ground as it’s quite easy once you are in the air. This course will give you a perfect feeling how to launch and handle the glider. Once you manage to do so, you will go for the tandem flight. You will be in charge of the steering after take-off with the help of the pilot. Let’s fly!

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    All about the Ground Handling Paragliding Course.

    No experience is necessary, to get introduced in this unique sport. The ground handling course is a one day course, where you get to learn how to pull up a paraglider and control it so that you have the capabilities of doing a solo flight. Once finishing the ground handling course, you will be given a free tandem paragliding flight where you can steer the paraglider yourself.

    The ground handling course will either take place at the Durbanville winch park (just outside Durbanville) or in Sea Point at the Promenade. The tandem flight will be on the winch in Durbanville or from Signal Hill.

    You are welcome to use your own camera as long as you hold tight, but we are not liable for breakage or loss. Your pilot will have a camera that is tightly strapped to his harness during the flight, you can buy the in-flight photos and video for R250 (not included in price).

    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
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    • Safety instruction
    • Equipment
    • Accredited instructors
    • Tandem Flights and Solo flights
    1. The Outline Paragliding Ground handling Course

      In the morning you will learn how to launch a paraglider and how to control it on the ground.

      In the afternoon you will practice to steer the paraglider in the air during a Tandem Flight with your instructor.

      * Theory covers how to read the wind.

      * Ground handling enables you to play with your glider while being assisted by your paragliding instructor. Learn to pull up, control and steer your glider.

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